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    Before you come.

    “Reservation is recommended.Online reservations can be made at any time, so if you have found a park you want to visit, book now!If you come without a reservation, large groups or closure due to bad weather may make it impossible for you to do the course. We don’t want you to be disappointed, so please make a reservation!”

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    Terms and Conditions.

    “Before you start, you must read our safety rules and sign a legal disclaimer.
    You will be taking part in an activity at height without direct staff supervision, so please remember you do so at your own risk.If you follow our safety rules carefully, the danger is minimal.”

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    Before you start.

    “Except for the Net Course, wearing a dedicated harness is required for course usage. If you need to smoke or use the toilet, please do so before starting the course. While you are wearing a safety harness, smoking and using the toilet is not allowed. Instructors will fit you with a harness.”

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    The safety briefing.

    “After you have been fitted with a harness, everyone will be given a safety briefing. There is a small, short course for this briefing, where you will be taught how to use the carabiners and all the safety rules. If you are able to complete the briefing course correctly, you will be allowed to do the main course.

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    Start the course!

    After the safety briefing is finished, you will move on to the main course by yourself. The instructors will patrol on the ground. Enjoy your time at Forest Adventure while adhering to the rules and guidelines!

Clothing and personal belongings


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    Clothing with minimal skin exposure, easy to move in, and suitable for getting dirty.

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    Pants must be worn for harness usage.

    • Skirts are not allowed.
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    ・No open-toe shoes or sandals.
    ・Shoes that expose the skin, such as Crocs, are not allowed.
    ・Thick-soled shoes are not recommended.

  • 4

    We recommend wearing gloves for comfort.

    Please keep your hands free during on the course.

    • When carrying cameras, loose change, etc., please use a waist pouch or similar.
    • We do not take responsibility for any damage or malfunction of personal belongings.

Useful items to bring

  • waist pouch

  • change of clothes

  • beverages


  • We prioritize safety in
    our facility operations.



    Our facility complies with European safety standards.

    Forest Adventure adheres to European safety standards EN15567-1. However, we do not consider these standards to be sufficient on their own. We strive to minimize risks in all aspects of our operations.

  • Course design that utilizes
    the natural environment



    Professional construction teams.

    Protecting the environment is very important during the construction of our courses; we do not believe that a course can be called ‘safe’ if the health of the trees is harmed. We do not employ heavy machinery such as cranes for construction work at height, as these would damage the surrounding forest habitat. Our courses are all built by hand by trained professionals.

  • Fun with no worries!



    What is Belay System?

    Participants must wear harnesses to use the course. While they are on the course they are connected at all times to a safety system by carabiners and pulleys, which are joined to their harnesses by safety lines. This is called the belay system. Because of this, if participants slip while on the platforms (which have no fences or handrails) or crossings, they cannot fall and hit the ground. Therefore the courses are safe.

The safety briefing.



Instructor-led safety briefing

"The principle of Forest Adventure is that participants are responsible for their own safety. Therefore, instructors explain the safety procedures to customers as clearly as possible because the easiest way to ensure safety on the course is if participants understand the safety rules. Instructors are trained in safety management and always strive to ensure our courses are both safe and fun."

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