Adventure awaits in the Forest!

A ‘Harmony with Nature Outdoor Park’ where both adults and children can fully engage their bodies and play with utmost enthusiasm amidst the great outdoors.

With over 40 parks spanning from Hokkaido to Okinawa, each park offers a unique experience that sets it apart from the rest.

  • Point1

    Experience beyond the everyday.
    The forest is refreshing.

    Climb up the trees, traverse from tree to tree. Experience nature to the fullest while having a blast in the forest. That’s Forest Adventure. Discover the ever-changing, vibrant forest from high up in the trees. Take a break from the ordinary, embrace the active play in nature, and indulge in extraordinary experiences.

  • Point2

    Age doesn’t matter
    when it comes to adventure.
    It’s enjoyable for everyone.

    A course that anyone can challenge, regardless of their physical fitness, height, or age, from children to adults. There is no age limit. Why not play with friends, family, or your loved one in nature? All you need is a little courage and a sense of adventure.

  • Point3

    Where Adults and Children Unite!

    Both adults and children can enjoy under the same conditions. Discover a multitude of ‘first achievements’. Rekindle your childlike spirit and reminisce about those days. Even in seriousness, you will encounter a version of yourself brimming with natural smiles.

The features of Forest Adventure

  • feature1

    The forest as it is.

    The greatest feature of this facility is the ability to utilize the forest as it is. While creating a typical leisure facility would require large-scale development, Forest Adventure minimizes the environmental impact and strives to create a park by utilizing the forest in its original state. By utilizing the natural trees and envisioning the forest’s inherent form, we will continue to build a “nature-friendly outdoor park” that promotes harmony with nature.



  • feature2

    Your Safety, Your Responsibility!

    While safety management is crucial for this facility, there are currently no safety standards specifically for this type of facility in Japan. Therefore, Forest Adventure has adopted safety standards from its country of origin, Europe. Furthermore, regarding the belay system that connects customers with the courses, we have evolved from a “Self Belay System,” where customers are responsible for their own safety, to a “Continuous Belay” system that ensures uninterrupted safety. Sharing the latest safety systems with our European partners is another strength of Forest Adventure. With our accumulated expertise since 2006, we strive to operate a park that is both safe and enjoyable, pursuing safety and fun without compromise.

    Safety is
    our top priority!

  • feature3

    Every Forest is Unique.

    Forest Adventure parks across the country have distinct characteristics based on the forests they are located in. Some feature coniferous forests, while others showcase deciduous forests. Forest Adventure designs courses tailored to each region’s forest, resulting in over 40 parks from Hokkaido to Okinawa, each with its own unique ambiance. We hope to serve as a catalyst for reevaluating Japan’s forests, even if in a small way.


    Foot of
    Mount Fuji

  • feature4

    Professional Staff.

    The rule of ‘Protecting your own safety’ is paramount, but ensuring that everyone can enjoy with ease and understanding is the shortcut to safety. At Forest Adventure, our instructors have undergone comprehensive training and strive daily to ensure your safety. Our vibrant staff is here to support the creation of unforgettable memories.

    Join our Team and
    Unleash the Adventure!

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The Birth of Forest Adventure in 2006

Despite 70% of Japan’s land being covered in forests, there is a shortage of people managing these valuable resources.
Forest Adventure is a business that utilizes the forest as it is, creating parks that provide both fun and solutions for the challenges faced by the forest.
We cannot let this magnificence go unnoticed in Japan! With a strong desire to spread its wonders, we formed a business partnership with Altus. and opened Japan’s first Forest Adventure at the foot of Mount Fuji.
Since the launch of Forest Adventure Fuji in 2006, our parks with their unique personalities have continued to expand nationwide.

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