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For Training/Learning

Team Building

Outdoor training that enhances teamwork while solving various challenges in the forest also has the effect of returning people to their true nature and rebuilding fading human relationships. We offer programs tailored to physical fitness, age, and goals, such as orientation for new employees, team-building training for sports teams, and team-building for new organizations.

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  • Role


    of individuality


For Events

Field Trips, Nature Classes, Recreation

This program is available for schools, educational organizations, and various groups seeking nature experiences, school trips, excursions, and field studies. It is also offered for companies and other organizations as team-building events or employee trips. Private bookings are available, making it suitable for freshman orientation events or recreational activities for sports clubs, held in the refreshing outdoor environment of forests or parks.
You can enjoy laughter and excitement, spending time with friends, and fully immersing yourselves in the forest. We are dedicated to helping you create delightful and unforgettable experiences.

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Learn about nature
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Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs initiatives undertaken by Forest Adventure.

  • Responsible Consumption and Production

  • Life Below Water

  • Life on Land

  • 12Responsible Consumption and Production

    Revitalizing Communities and Unveiling Unique Experiences

    Forest Adventure offers a course that lasts approximately 1 to 2 hours, allowing visitors to explore the course and enjoy nearby facilities such as hot springs and cafes throughout the day. By attracting visitors and creating a vibrant environment, it also creates new job opportunities. In essence, by promoting a greater appreciation for the forest, Forest Adventure contributes to the revitalization of the local community. Similar to how each forest is unique, Forest Adventure aims to uncover and showcase the distinctive values that exist in each local area.

  • 15Life on Land

    The Forest in Its Natural State

    Forest Adventure stands apart from typical leisure facilities by creating courses that utilize the existing trees in the forest, without resorting to large-scale development. The careful thinning of trees during this process is essential to maintain a healthy forest ecosystem. The photos show the same location before and after course installation in one of our parks. Despite being left untouched for 40 years, can you still sense the presence of the old path?

  • 15Life on Land

    Unleashing the Potential

    It is said that nearly 70% of Japan’s land is covered by forests. Many of these forests are man-made plantations, which require human intervention to prevent degradation. By installing Forest Adventure in neglected forests, they undergo thinning and human intervention, transforming into healthy environments. As more people visit and enjoy these forests, they become aware of their value. Additionally, a portion of the revenue is allocated towards forest maintenance costs, creating a sustainable cycle of forest conservation.

  • 14Life Below Water15Life on Land

    The Abundance of the Forest is Linked to the Abundance of the Sea

    When healthy forests thrive, their nutrients flow into rivers, promoting the growth of plankton and increasing fish populations, thus contributing to the richness of the sea. Communities engaged in traditional fishing practices have long recognized the connection between protecting forests and maintaining the health of the sea. They have experienced firsthand that a healthy forest leads to a thriving marine ecosystem. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on forest management not only for the preservation of forests but also to safeguard coastal resources, including coastal fisheries.

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