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3/23 (Sat) “Forest Adventure Yokohama” reopens!

Renovated into a Trek Course where you can go around freely on a time system!

Forest Adventure Yokohama will reopen on Saturday, March 23, 2024!
The existing “Adventure Course” and “Canopy Course” will be replaced by the “Trek Course,” which will offer unlimited rounds on a time-based basis!

What is a Trek Course?

You can choose to play at sites with different levels of difficulty from beginner to advanced!
Whether you are good at heights and exercise or not, you can enjoy the game according to your own level within the time available.

Also optional is the Excite Course!
Excite Course is an option after the Trek Course, which includes a set of challenging activities. You can try two of the most popular Forest Adventure activities: the Tarzan Swing, which involves jumping from the top of a tree into a net, and the Minomushi Chute, which involves a vertical drop from 12 meters above the tree!
Those who have registered for the regular Trek Course can also add these activities on the same day. (+¥1,200/person).
Click here for the facility page of Forest Adventure Yokohama

The surrounding area is also noteworthy!

  • Trail Adventure Yokohama also renewed

The most difficult Red Trail has been redesigned to offer new adventures!
While retaining the previous concept of “flow trails for beginners to challenge themselves,” the new course is safer and more exciting.
Click here for the facility page of Trail Adventure Yokohama

  • Spring Satoyama Garden Festa held

From the first day of the renovation, “Satoyama Garden Festa” will be held in the adjacent area.
The “Satoyama Garden Festa” is a highlight of “Garden Necklace Yokohama 2024,” Yokohama City’s initiative to nurture the natural environment by connecting people who love flowers and greenery, and will feature a 10,000㎡ flowerbed, one of the largest in the city, and a welcome garden. You can enjoy a special space surrounded by flowers and greenery♪
For the official website of Satoyama Garden Festa, click here

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HomePickup3/23 (Sat) “Forest Adventure Yokohama” reopens!