Home[Hydrangeas are blooming beautifully 🪻✨]


[Hydrangeas are blooming beautifully 🪻✨]

Forest Adventure・糸島

Forest Adventure Itoshima here 🌳Welcome back in July: 🙇‍♂️

Hydrangeas are blooming in and around the park 🪻✨

They are a beautiful way to color the rainy season😊.

The plants in the forest tell us that the seasons are changing😊.

When you come to visit, please pay attention to the seasons that the forest shows us 😆.

*Please note that the park may be closed during the rainy season depending on weather conditions. If you are considering visiting the park, please check the website or other information about the operating conditions.

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Home[Hydrangeas are blooming beautifully 🪻✨]