About safety

European safety standards for both the course and the park operation.

Forest Adventure follows European safety standards EN15567-1 and EN15567-2. However we do not view these standards to be sufficient alone, and we try to further minimise risk in all areas of our operation. All our instructing staff are professionals, required to undergo training in safety management.

Professional construction teams.


Protecting the environment is very important during the construction of our courses; we do not believe that a course can be called ‘safe’ if the health of the trees is harmed. We do not employ heavy machinery such as cranes for construction work at height, as these would damage the surrounding forest habitat. Our courses are all built by hand by trained professionals.

Professional instructors.


The principle of Forest Adventure is that participants are responsible for their own safety, Therefore instructors explain the safety procedures to customers as clearly as possible, because the easiest way to ensure safety around the course is if participants understand the safety rules. Instructors are trained in safety management and always strive to make sure our courses are both safe and fun.