Follow these steps to start your Forest Adventure!

STEP1Before you come.

“Reservation is recommended. There is no cancellation fee and online reservations can be made at any time, so if you have found a park you want to visit, book now!
If you come without a reservation, large groups or closure due to bad weather may make it impossible for you to do the course. We don’t want you to be disappointed, so please make a reservation!”

Before you come

STEP2When you arrive.

“Before you start, you must read our safety rules and sign a legal disclaimer.
You will be taking part in an activity at height without direct staff supervision, so please remember you do so at your own risk.
Signing the disclaimer means you are under accident insurance.
If you follow our safety rules carefully, the danger is minimal.”

When you arrive

STEP3Before you start.

“If you need to smoke or use the toilet, please do so before starting the course. While you are wearing a safety harness, smoking and using the toilet is not allowed.
Instructors will fit you with a harness.”

Before you start

STEP4The safety briefing.

“After you have been fitted with a harness, everyone will be given a safety briefing. There is a small, short course for this briefing, where you will be taught how to use the carabiners and all the safety rules. The instructor will show you a demonstration and then you will try it yourself.
If you are able to complete the briefing course correctly, you will be allowed to do the main course. The safety briefing usually takes about 15-20 minutes, this will depend on you!”

The safety briefing.

STEP5Start the course!

After the safety briefing is finished, you will move on to the main course by yourself. The instructors will patrol on the ground.

Start the course!